ASAP Recruit has supported business globally since 2009, headquartered in Australia, providing instant access to e-Recruitment software, designed for any sized business to manage all their recruitment needs with ease. It’s a highly functional cloud recruitment software solution for Managers and Human Resource personnel to recruit quicker, easier, and more efficiently than ever before, suitable for one office or across many offices locally, nationally or globally.

Our customers are small, medium and large sized organisations with one office or many offices, who typical recruit 10 – 1,000 people per year. Our customers are leading companies in Construction, Engineering, Industrial, Medical, Legal, Veterinary, and Service Industries.

Imagine: not receiving emailed applications ever again, filling a job vacancies in 10 minutes, saving each person who recruits 10 hours a week, and reducing your job advertising by 50% – 60%, to name just a few efficiencies the ASAP Recruit e-Recruitment software provides!

Why ASAP Recruit Software

  • Instant Access
  • Reduce job advertising
  • Save costs and time
  • No setup costs
  • No software costs
  • No installation costs
  • No upgrade costs
  • Import your applications from SEEK
  • Fully customisable recruiting system
  • Reduce Recruiting expense
  • 20 times return on investment
  • Centralise all your recruiting information
  • Affordable for all from $1 per day

For those who recruit 10 to 1,000 people

  • Fully Customisable eRecruit System for Business
  • Job Vacancies Integrated onto your Website
  • Centralise all your recruiting intelligence
  • Half your advertising expenditure
  • Free up 100’s of hours of your time
  • Build your own talent pool, automatically
  • Improve interviews, with the built in Interview Assist
  • Global access anywhere, anytime
  • One-click Applicant Assessment Reporting
  • Backup all your data in-house, at any time
  • Integrated Psychometric Testing
  • New! Customisable Applicant Questionnaire
  • New! Asynchronous Video Interviewing


Input your estimated number of job vacancies you process each year, and the number of Recruiting Staff you have (i.e. users of the ASAP Recruit system) and the below calculator will provide you with a range of estimated costs and savings, such as:

  • Internal office recruiting savings
  • External recruiting savings
  • Savings over three years
  • The added value of building your own talent pool database
  • Your Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Your payback periods

You can further customize your results by editing the “per job” costs in the table to reflect your circumstance

Please choose at least one job vacancy and one recruiting staff.
Step 1 - Insert your estimated annual number of job vacancies
- Insert the number of recruiting staff you have
Select your currency
Step 2 - Revew your in-house recruiting expenses & understand the savings to be made
Estimated Minimum Cost Saving
Current Costs
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Per Job
Per Annum
Your Staff Time
Evaluating applicants
Setting Advertising
Managing emailed applications
Letter production
Communication with applicants
Stationery costs, postage
Media Advertising
Newspaper display advert
Records management
Retention of applicant & recruiting data
Estimated Costs of the Recruiting Process  
Step 3 - External recruiting if you outsource
Current Costs
Estimated Cost Saving
Per Job
Per Annum
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Your Staff Time
Evaluating applicants, interviews, etc...
Employment Agency fees
Average charge
Estimated Costs of the Recruiting Process  
Step 4 - Additional value add of building your own talent pool
Suggested Added Value
Building your pool of talent
Related to Step 2
Related to Step 3
Step 5 - Annual cost (investment) of the ASAP Recruit System
Step 6 - Investment returns
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Return on investment (ROI)
Related to Step 2
Related to Step 3
Payback period (weeks)  
Related to Step 2
Related to Step 3
  • Nominal currency exchange rates are used in the above table, and may vary dependant on the exchange rate on the day
  • Further savings in office stationery, and to the environment are obtainable by utilizing the full capability of the ASAP Recruit system.
  • The above information, calculations and formula assumptions, are provided as a guide only, values may change dependant on individual circumstances