ASAP Recruit is always interested to work with partners from other regional areas around the globe.

If you are interested to explore a business opportunity in your region selling and supporting customers with e-Recruitment software we would be happy to hear from you. A range of business opportunities are available from ‘Reselling’, ‘Franchising’, and ‘Cooperative Commercial Arrangements’ for regions not yet serviced.

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Whilst our online cloud e-Recruitment solution is extremely cost effective for any sized organisation to quickly access a recruitment system, a large organisation may require to manage and own the sytsem in-house.

ASAP Recuit can fully provide a stand alone e-Recruitment solution in-house for a customer’s full management and control.

This would deliver a fully operational recruiting system throughout the whole business quickly, saving tens of thousands of hours of development hours. Further system modifications can then be managed in-house as required.

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